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These paintings were inspired by my travels. I call the series  "Beyond Boundaries" because travel has broadened my personal boundaries and the mixed media techniques in the paintings have stretched my artistic boundaries. Enjoy this preview. I have about 60 paintings in this series. Emerson United Unitarian Church featured 21 of them in a one-person show. The paintings are in my studio and can be seen by appointment. If you like these examples, consider treating yourself to an in-person viewing.

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"A Light Mood"

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"Gates of Enlightenment"

17 Ann Bell_Guardian_22x30.JPG (34074 bytes)


20 Ann Bell_Nature's Patterns.JPG (28329 bytes)

"Nature's Patterns"

03 Ann Bell_High Altitude.JPG (30249 bytes)

"High Altitude"

04 Ann Bell_Flowing Water.JPG (29913 bytes)

"Flowing Water"

MY STUDIO is at 2711 Main #114. You are welcome to visit by appointment.
When you arrive, please park in Art Supply parking lot, enter the Art Supply store & ask for me.
See map to my studio

My painting process involves painting many layers of mixed-media on paper. Mixed-media means I am free to reach for whatever art material will allow me to get the effect I want. I begin with waterbased paint on 100% rag paper.   On "High Altitude" and "Flowing Water" I began with watercolor.   The other paintings I began with acrylic. Sometimes I add colored pencil or oil pastel...and then, more paint on top of that. I love the pieces that just peek through, without being obvious.

I might collage textured papers or music into a painting. In "Nature's Patterns" I collaged a large piece of marbled paper that I had marbled with acrylic paint. By marbling the paper myself, I have control of the color and the pattern. And when I do add collage to a painting, I always paint several layers of acrylic over the collaged area to integrate it and make it truly a part of the painting.

Frequently I add rich texture by printing with blocks in which I have carved patterns of symbols. 

When I am painting, I lose all track of time. I get totally lost in the painting. Painting is a meditative, spiritual process for me. The painting tells me what it wants to be and my hands respond. Perhaps the symbols add to the spirituality. The painting also lets me know when it is complete. Occasionally I will make an intellectual decision that a painting is finished, but I always wind up adding at least a little more before I am able to sign it and release it. My mixed media paintings have at least 6 layers, and frequently many more.

The paper size is 30" tall x 22" wide. When framed with a 5" wide mat, they are large enough to make a wonderful impact in any space. These paintings come from my own memories...places I have been, things I have seen, and sometimes things I have visualized or imagined.



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