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Would You Like to Be More Creative?

This audio CD suggests 101 easy ways to find and strenthen your creative ability, even if you are afraid you are not creative.

Small children are the most creative people on the planet, but by the time they are adults, the creativity has usually been regimented out of them. Recapture the joy & creativity of childhood with the ideas in this CD.

Creativity improves your ability to solve problems. Creative thinking and creative play actually form new neural pathways in your brain, between the right creative brain and the left logical brain. They make your brain function better as a unified whole brain.

But creative play, and specifically making art—even if you are not an artist—provides other benefits as well.

  1. Relief from stress
  2. Increased powers of observation
  3. increased creativity
  4. Better problem solving skill
  5. Increased confidence because you did something you had thought you couldn’t do.
  6. FUN!

This CD will NOT teach you to make art, but it could inspire you to want to make art. And it will probably help you believe that you can. It might even inspire you to try. And the result will surprise & please you.

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This audio CD will play in any CD player.

The image on the label is from my mixed media painting "Unrestrained Joy." My choice of this image is deliberate & conscious. I intend that the suggestions I make on this CD will awaken your creativity & enable you to feel the unrestrained joy of true creativity.

Creativity is a window into the soul. It is a connection with something higher than daily human activity. It is the path to learning to appreciate all that we are and all that we can be. Encourage, recognize and honor your creativity.

You can reap almost as many benefits from looking intensely at art that was created by other people as you can by creating your own art. It’s not quite the same thing, but it does give you many of the same benefits.

 Price: $20.

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