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I enjoy sharing my knowledge. It feels good to open magical doors for my students.

Seeing their joy as they learn to create their own art is rewarding to me. Their comments, emails and permission to share their comments with others enable me to help more aspiring artists become real artists.

Perhaps one of these messages from my students will strike a chord in your heart that will help you see whether I might be the teacher who can help you learn to paint...or to increase your skills, expand your techniques, and find renewed inspiration.

If you have questions about classes, private lessons, or whether you are ready to move forward, feel free to call me. Learn more about Private Lessons or see the class schedule.

Comments from students in my recent classes.
Ann’s collage class was my first art class since I was quite young.  When I first began, I didn’t even know how to paint the paper, but with Ann’s encouragement my confidence increased, my creative juices flowed, and now, each time I look at my collage I can’t believe that I was the one who made it  I most appreciate Ann’s style of empowering her students~ instead of taking the brush and doing it for them, she graciously offers astute, artistic suggestions when asked.  I can’t wait to come back for more! 

Thumbs up,
Deborah Schloss 

I tell you I don't cancel classes. The previous comment and the one that follow show WHY I don't.

Deborah registered 3 weeks in advance, right after I posted the class.

Sara, who is quoted below, called me two days before the class. She was looking for an art class that she and her husband could take together during the short time they were in Houston. They took the first class on Saturday and enjoyed it so much they wanted to take another class...the one on Tuesday.  Deborah was the only person  registered. If I required a minimum number of people, I would have already had to cancel the class. I would have missed meeting all of these people and they would have missed the creative opportunity to take my class.

My husband and I took two classes with Ann. They were a complete joy.
Yes her studio is light bright and lovely. It is not large but big enough for the small groups she teaches. Each student gets their own space.With many of her pieces on the walls, she is willing to use her art as examples for the techniques she teaches. The music is soothing.

There are so many resources she has to choose from - from brushes to so many types of paper and textures, even stamps both postage and the blocks, to rollers knives scissors - anything you may need.She is a gentle and encouraging teacher and so positive. Her style is very uplifting and is suitable for all levels from beginners to professionals - my husband and I were at different places along that spectrum and we both had a wonderful time.
We did the textured background class - and the collage classes similar but different enough and even if you came to the same class twice I think it would still be a different experience.
The art supply store in which her studio is located is also great with very knowledgeable people running it.
So what are you waiting for? Go and take a class.

Sara and Zul visiting from Malaysia
(we'll be back for sure)
Sara & Zul were back in Houston recently. During the time they were here, they were in my studio 3 times for classes. I treasure the friendships that develop.

This email came from another student, an experienced artist & art teacher, who came for both Creative Collage and Visual Magic with Mixed Media:


Thanks for such a great art experience.  It was such a pleasure to be allowed time to do art.  I'm still reaping the benefits of your 2-day class because I haven't lost my passion or let the weight of the world get in the way of "art time."  I couldn't sleep the other night.  Normally I would toss and turn and just hope to go back to sleep.  This time, I got up, went to my studio and worked on one of the paintings I started in your class.  I worked from 3:30 until 6:00 when I had to stop to get ready for work. I had so much positive energy that day and didn't feel the least bit tired, even though I'd been awake longer than usual.  I credit that energy from the positive influence you had on me and my development as an artist.  I'm getting a flood of ideas for new art pieces every day.  Everywhere I look there are possibilities for pictures as well as things to use in my collages.  I'm overwhelmed at the possibilities and excited beyond words.  I've kept the lid on my creativity for way too long, but being in your class somehow blew the door wide open.   It's hard to put into words, but I'm so grateful that I was able to meet you and benefit from your generosity.
Diane Bellissemo-Jones

Cheryl began with private lessons and continues with my one-day classes. She said:

After four years of art lessons with three different "instructors", I finally found my "teacher."  In seven months, I've taken individual lessons and group classes from Ann. She purposely keeps her classes small; there are beginners like myself and seasoned artists. Amazingly this mix works great and is very comfortable as a beginner.  With her humor and quick wit, Ann's classes are inexpensive and great fun.  

With her patient, kind and encouraging ways Ann and I are peeling back layers of trepidation, doubt and perfectionism.  To my surprise I'm finding freedom, confidence and pure joy in my painting. "When the student is ready the teacher will come." And she has.  
Cheryl Bennett, Sugar Land, Texas


Steve has been coming to me for private lessons twice monthly.  He also attended my DeMystifying Color class.  I am thrilled with his progress...and so is he.   Read what he says about his experience with me:
The best thing about private lessons with Ann Bell is her ability to integrate spontaneity and art technique, supporting my creative process in a very personal way. Ann takes the time to explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Because she does that, I enjoy my painting even more and I continue to see my progress.
Steve Frank

An experienced artist, Judy, who treated herself to my Luscious Layered Backgrounds class said:

"Ann, I enjoyed taking this class.  When I got home I was a little disappointed in what I had produced.  I started playing with the papers I made in class.  I tore them up and pasted  on other sheets.  Did some thin over painting.   Painted on a few subtle branches and vines and ended up with two of the most beautiful paintings I have ever done.  So pretty that after I turned the lights out to go to bed, I turned them back on just to look again.  One is soft and mostly pink with lavenders and greys, the other is strikingly different.  It is bright red, with green and gold.  Has an Asian feel.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what your class helped me to do.  Sincerely, Judy Dekan"

Kateriina attended Creative Collage class in June. After my demonstration, she approached her painting confidently and worked all day. Towards the end, she had a nice piece well underway, but wasn't entirely pleased. She asked several questions and I answered them with my own questions which showed her the evaluation process I use in my own work. Instead of suggesting a solution, I helped her find her own solution. Here is how she describes the day:
I had experience in creating collages before attending Ann’s Collage Workshop so I came with some ability and knowledge but what Ann taught me has changed and inspired my work. I learned over a dozen new techniques for creating dynamic collages and she also taught me how to look at the collage with a new perspective to see what needed adjustment to give it a feeling of completion. In just a few hours in Ann’s studio with her nurturing and supportive instruction and encouragement I created my best collage ever.” ~Katariina Fagering

Denise drove in to Houston from Lake Jackson for my class on a very rainy day. This is the note I received from her after the class.

Dearest Ann:

I recently attended your “Visual Magic w/Mixed Media” class and wanted to follow up with a big thank you! Your class was wonderful! 

The environment was peaceful, and you Ann were thoughtful and informative allowing everyone to work at their own pace and skill level.  When the class ended I felt so incredibly inspired.

I’ve ignored my creative side for so long I’d forgotten how nurturing and validating an art class can be—of course with guidance from Ann Bell...

I can’t wait to take more of your classes.

Many Blessings,
Denise Condina

Another artist, Candis, who is a teacher herself, came to study with me for 3 days. She wrote:

"As a secondary art teacher and an artist, I have never felt more artistically free. The last three days pulled the creativity that has been waiting inside of me yearning to be released. Ann, thank you so much for exciting my innermost artist and giving me the courage to fully delve into the artist I can and should be. I can't wait to play with you again!!!!!"
Candis Oberdorf, Rogers High School Art Teacher & Cheer Sponsor

Suzanne had done several kinds of crafts, but she had not painted. After taking 2 classes (Creative Collage and Visual Magic with Mixed Media), she wrote:

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking your Visual Magic With Mixed Media class. You are truly a gifted artist who generously shares your knowledge and talents with your students. I especially appreciate that you teach your students according to their interests and level of experience and that you demonstrate what to do and why we're doing it in order to achieve a beautiful piece of art to take home. Thank you and I look forward to taking future classes."
Suzanne Snyder

Rhiannon emailed me this wonderful message after her first private class. She gave me permission to print it.

Feel her delight with her new knowledge after only one class.

Dear Ann,

What an exciting and inspiring time we had learning how to paint!
It's not possible to have more fun than we did!
My husband surprised me with a gift certificate to your class for a
private lesson, as an Anniversary gift.
I am a HUGE Monet fan and have always had a strong desire to learn how
to paint and have even taken classes before. However these other
classes had little personal instruction and left me uncertain that I
could really paint anything and I was not really inspired.
So I will be honest while I was excited about this class I was also
What an awesome surprise I got! From the moment we entered your
bright, cheery and cozy studio you made us feel like we could do what
we have always wanted to-Paint something beautiful, and have so much
fun while doing it!
I appreciate your teaching style, you had specific things you taught
us, and you gave us principles that will help us understand how to
paint. You were extremely perceptive of the fact that Dan and I had
totally different styles of creativity and taught us according to that!
You love what you do and your enthusiasm is contagious! It is obvious
that not only are you an extremely talented artist and love it, but
you LOVE to teach it.
Not only did you teach us how to paint, inspire us to keep learning
and making art, but you took the time after class to help us get the
right tools we needed, with out it costing too much. You left us
feeling armed and ready to make our own masterpiece.
Thank you so much for all you put into your classes! I loved it so
much I am giving you the highest recommendation, I am recommending you
to my family and dearest friends!
I can not wait till my second class!!!

Many Thanks,

Rhiannon Muey

British scientists have proven that looking at beautiful paintings makes you happy.

How happy could you be if you spent a day in my studio, surrounded by my beautiful paintings,
and releasing your creative spirit to create your own beautiful painting?

Here are photos taken of happy students with their paintings after a recent class. Imagine yourself here!

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           M. White                                                          Terri                                                                             Melissa

If you have questions about classes, private lessons, or whether you are ready to move forward, feel free to call me. Learn more about Private Lessons or see the class schedule.





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