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This original painting (image size 15" high x 22" wide) is watermedia on gessoed paper.

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This painting was inspired by the memory of an  excursion to Lilypons Water Gardens on a wonderful sun-filled day in  summer.

I began by applying a coat of gesso on my paper, to give me the ability to completely lift the paint wherever I chose. Then I used the happiest colors I could find to paint the blossoms and the water. My final step was to lift the sparkles on the water to give the effect of sunlight dancing.

I will share this technique in my upcoming class Experimental Surfaces in Watercolor

Working on this painting enabled me to re-experience the happy feeling of the original trip. That feeling bubbles back into my heart whenever I look at the painting. Hence the title "Joyful."

I hope you will experience the same feeling of joy as you view the painting. Archival Limited Edition Giclée prints are available. Call me or email me to place your order.






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