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The "Business of Art" class covers getting your web site, pricing your work, and getting free publicity. On Thursday Sept. 25, I will teach the Business of Art class in my Houston studio. I will teach the class at College Station for the Brazos Valley Art League on Thursday, October 16 . If that location is more convenient, you can make your reservation directly with Nancy Elliott. Her contact info is here.

On this page you can read what some artists have said about my Business of Art class.

Knowledge is power. Are you ready to get the knowledge you need?

If your answer is "yes" call 281-330-3827 now to register for the Business of Art class.

Ron Stokes, of Angleton, attended my "How to Get your Artist   Web Site" Class in July and wrote to me:


The workbook Ron mentions comes with the home study version of the course.

"I  have just finished my first reading of your workbook and I just wanted you to know that the emotional result is like one being filled with high octane fuel. The information is so useful and your coaching segments near the end really inspire one to work harder to achieve one's art-art career goals.

Your workbook strategy works; the information combined with the very useful websites makes your workbook a complete beginners' instrument that one can take and use to complete one's first website.

Again, thank you for the class and your careful and meaningful instruction.
Ron Stokes"

More recently, when I asked Ron for permission to use his comments about my class, he added this: "After your class this summer, I completed an art piece that was accepted in a jurist show with the Brazosport Art League. I credit your inspiration from  your class to get in the studio and finish the piece-and, I want to thank you for that, and for everything."
Joy Cottrell, of Spring, purchased the workbook and CDs from the "Business of Art" class in January. You can read her original comments at the bottom of this page. Later  Joy attended my advanced "How to Price your Art" class.

She was getting ready for a gallery show in August.

In response to my inquiry about her show, Joy emailed me:

"It was a real success. Lots of people, about 85. I sold two originals & lots of prints & notecards! A big part of the success was all the information I've learned from you!

Thanks again for all the good info.

You have a lot to offer us artists on a down-to-earth, easy to understand, encouragement to try SOMETHING level."

Joy had also suggested that I write for one of the artist magazines. I have been giving serious thought to her suggestion. Everything takes longer to implement than we anticipate. When we first consider a new big idea, sometimes it seems like more than we are willing to tackle. But as our creative brain considers how we might accomplish the task, we become comfortable with the idea...and it begins to feel a lot more manageable.
K. Smith, of Houston, has registered multiple domain names for Joe Goodbuddy, the character who pupulates her whimsical paintings. In her comments, she asks an important question. And then she answers it. "How does one become inspired to do something when one does not know how to do it or how to start?

Answer: Take Ann Bell's class. Ann is great on stimulating the mind and assisting you with your quest.

Thanks, Ann, for all the ideas to help me focus on my art.

K. Smith"

Karen Hagin, of Katy,  attended my class in February. "Ann, Go see the effects of your influence and class--my website. I know you will like the color. It has been challenging but mostly fun. I learn something new every day.

Thanks for your inspiration and guidance. And thanks for keeping in touch.

Best Regards,
Karen Hagin"

As Karen has proved, you don't necessarily have to do it yourself, but you do need a clear idea of what you want. You must also communicate your vision effectively. and shop carefully.

She hired someone to build  the site for her, and the result is a complete web presence within her budget.

In response to my request for permission to publish her comments Karen explained that after the class, she had experimented with Frontpage and another program, but ..."came to the conclusion that to get anywhere near the look I wanted I would need more expensive software and shopping cart software."

"Through your class, you motivated me to get started and keep going. I also learned about important things that helped me to have a broad understanding, to focus my direction, but more importantly, to act on what I'd learned. I'm still working on things you taught, like creating a mailing list of everyone I know so that I can send postcards....

Many thanks,

J K Toler, of Livingston,  followed my suggestion to register her domain name right away. She also set up her web hosting account and selected a template. Now she is putting the pieces together. I am eager to see  when it appears.

J K Toler said: "I took a class from Ann Bell (The Business of Art), which got my adrenaline going to "git 'er done"!   I have been wanting to do it for awhile, but didn't feel qualified or ready.   Now I feel more knowledgeable, since the class with Ann, and more venturous and ready, as an artist!

I was inspired by the class and am looking forward to getting my web address functioning."

Knowledge + Inspiration + Action = Success

Are you puzzled about what steps to take to advance your art career without spending a fortune?

Are you serious about wanting to gain recognition for yourself and your art?

Do you want to reap the benefits from the years of classes and work you have invested in your art?

Would you like to gain power...and increase your level of taking responsibility for your own career?

Do you want to promote yourself--to make others aware of you and your art--using the power of the internet AND the power of free publicity.

If you answered "YES" to these questions,
Call Ann Bell at 281-330-3827 Now to reserve your place in the class.

If you cannot attend in person, you can purchase the Home Study version

Learn the steps you need to take. Begin now.

You can take one simple step at a time. Each step you take helps you feel more confident.

YOU DECIDE which steps you want to take first. Choose the steps that feel comfortable to you. 
You are already doing a lot! But a small amount of additional effort can make a big difference.

If you need critical business information, you can get the information by taking "Business of Art."

Call me at 281-330-3827 to reserve your place.

Sheila Conner, of Freeport, participant in my first Business of Art class, went home and took action. She has built an awesome web site.

Sheila, thank you for sharing. I know you will inspire other artists by sharing your process of working through the overwhelm. When a task feels huge, we each tend to think it is beyond our abilities. But by breaking it down and taking one step at a time, we can complete any task...just like eating that elephant.

The notebook Sheila refers to comes with the home study version of the class.

Sheila said:
"When I took Ann's Business of Art class last December, I felt so intimidated!  After all, I'm an artist, not a business woman.  And there was so much information!  I must admit, I left feeling a little overwhelmed.

BUT I decided to begin like you do when you eat an elephant--one bite at a time!  I began reading  through the notebook (a BIG help) and doing little things, like getting a URL address. 

Each time I took a step and succeeded, my confidence rose. 

The key is to just START. 

Within a month, I had a web site up and running, business cards and postcards in hand, and now, a photo blog---all because Ann told me I could, and gave me good tools to work with!  If I can do it, anyone can do it!"

Sheila made excellent use of the information I provided in class and in the workbook!

The home study class includes the workbook. Using the workbook, you take one step at a time, at your own pace. "START" is the magic word. If you do not start, nothing happens! Workbook is available to participants in the Houston class for a small additional fee, for those who want it. All class participants will receive written class notes with all website URLs that I mention.

And IF you don't get the information, nothing is likely to happen.

Are you ready to stack the cards in your favor by getting the information you need?

Call now to register: 281-330-3827

Your WEB SITE and your PUBLICITY work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you are creating, and while you are sleeping--but ONLY if you set them up so they can work.

Take advantage of this priceless opportunity to benefit from my experience.

Reserve your place in the Business of Art class! Call Ann Bell at 281-330-3827

If you prefer to contact me by email, click here.

If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them. Just send me an email or call me.

Are you looking for the ORIGINAL Business of Art Class?
The original Business of Art Class is now available as a home-study program:
1. Get Your Artist Web Site
2. Get Traffic to Your Web Site
3. How to Price Your Work for Profit
4. How to Get Publicity

To purchase the Business of Art Workbook & 4 Audio CDs using Paypal visit
Art Business Class by Mail

If you want to purchase one of the Audio CDs from the original Business of Art Class,
you will find them by clicking here: Ann's Audio CDs

Joy purchased the Workbook & CDs.

You can benefit from this information, even if you cannot attend the class in person.

Joy's web site is

Joy Cottrell of Spring, Texas, said:
"I'm listening to your first CD in my car. I just love it. It's clear & easy to hear.
Thanks to you, I'm convinced I can just do an inexpensive, simple web site---just to show my work.

Now I know I can and should start with a place to lead people just so they can see my work! And the advice to use my name & .com is invaluable.

Thank you so much for sharing this down-to-earth information, for sharing your mistakes, & for not sounding high & mighty perfect!! It gives us hope! I've just pretty-well skimmed everything, but I will study & re-read as time permits."

Call 281-330-3827 to register for a class in my Houston studio.

Click here to purchase the Business of Art Workbook & 4 Audio CDs using PayPal.

   Do you want help with your marketing or pricing? I am available for individual consultations, which can be done in person or by phone.



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