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Unfamiliar tasks are easier when you have the guidance of someone who has been there before.  Knowledge counts.
How am I qualified to teach these classes?
        1. I have been a self-supporting professional artist for over 30 years.
        2. I have shown in galleries, mall shows, outdoor shows & juried shows.
        3. I have designed & build my web site, & achieved high ranking with search engines.
        4. I have learned how to sell my paintings by myself, without an agent or a gallery.

In these classes:

  • I share what I have learned through my own experience.
  • I give you exactly the information you you can make the choices that are right for you.
  • I show you the steps to take.
  • I provide a way for you to ask me questions and receive answers after the class is over.

The Home Study class includes a comprehensive workbook containing all the information from the class, including web sites mentioned.

Participants who attend the class in person will receive handouts with all the websites mentioned plus check lists. The workbook will be available at a small additional charge for those who want it.

Do you want to learn how to boost your visibility and increase your success?

Do you want to learn how to put the internet  to work for you?
You will learn easy and effective ways to get people to visit your web site.

This class will increase your knowledge, your skill, and your confidence.

Knowledge is power. Are you ready to get the knowledge you need?

IF you want to sell your art, the pricing information is crucial...If your art isn't for sale, price is irrelevant.

BUT if you want your art to BE SEEN, you MUST
          have a web site
          get people to visit your web site
          understand how to get free publicity

What is your purpose?

Many artists are happy simply to create art and give it to friends and relatives who admire it. Others want to see their work valued.

Are you serious about wanting to gain recognition for yourself and your art?

Do you want to reap the benefits from the years of classes and work you have invested in your art?

Would you like to gain power...and increase your level of taking responsibility for your own career?

Do you want to promote yourself--to make others aware of you and your art--using the power of the internet AND the power of free publicity.

If you answered "YES" to these questions, call me at 281-330-3827 to reserve your space in class.

Learn the steps you need to take. Begin now. You can take one simple step at a time. Each step you take helps you feel more confident.

The Business of Art class deals teaches you what you need to know about getting your website, pricing your art, and getting publicity. I will also answer your questions about promoting and selling your art.

YOU DECIDE which steps you want to take first. Choose the steps that feel comfortable to you. 
You are already doing a lot! But a small amount of additional effort can make a big difference.

If you need critical business information, take the steps you need to get the information.

Sheila Conner made excellent use of the information I provided!

Read what Sheila and other class participants say about my class.

"START" is the magic word. If you do not start, nothing happens!

And IF you don't get the information, nothing is likely to happen.

Are you ready to stack the cards in your favor by getting the information you need?

Call now to register: 281-330-3827

Your WEB SITE and your PUBLICITY work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while you are creating, and while you are sleeping--but ONLY if you set them up so they can work.

Take advantage of this priceless opportunity to benefit from my experience.
***NO SPECIFIC RESULTS are guaranteed. Results vary widely.
The only sure thing is that if you do not take action, nothing will happen.
If you prefer to contact me by email, click here.

The class will meet in my wonderful, light-filled studio in mid-town Houston.
If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them. Just send me an email or call me.

The Business of Art Class is now available as a home-study program:
1. Get Your Artist Web Site
2. Get Traffic to Your Web Site
3. How to Price Your Work for Profit
4. How to Get Publicity

To purchase the Business of Art Workbook & 4 Audio CDs using Paypal visit
Art Business Class by Mail

If you want to purchase one of the Audio CDs from the original Business of Art Class,
you will find them by clicking here: Ann's Audio CDs

Joy purchased the Workbook & CDs.

You can benefit from this information, even if you cannot attend the class in person.


Joy Cottrell of Spring, Texas, said:
"I'm listening to your first CD in my car. I just love it. It's clear & easy to hear.
Thanks to you, I'm convinced I can just do an inexpensive, simple web site---just to show my work.

Now I know I can and should start with a place to lead people just so they can see my work! And the advice to use my name & .com is invaluable.

Thank you so much for sharing this down-to-earth information, for sharing your mistakes, & for not sounding high & mighty perfect!! It gives us hope! I've just pretty-well skimmed everything, but I will study & re-read as time permits."


Click here to purchase the Business of Art Workbook & 4 Audio CDs using PayPal.

   *** Do you want help with your marketing or pricing? I am available for individual consultations in person or by phone.



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