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Ann Bell Business of Art Class: Put the power of solid business knowledge behind your art
Designed & taught by Ann Bell, Artist & Artist Mentor


Are you ready to sell your art, but don't know where to start?
There are many ways to sell art.
Some artists don't want to sell; they have more important goals for their art.
But reaching any kind of art goal, purpose or success
starts with getting people to be aware of you and your art.

Does every one of your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and everyone who knows you know that you are an artist? If not you are missing countless opportunities.

But you can't do what you don't know needs to be done, no matter how simple that thing might be.

Each step you take will move you closer to your success--IF you begin taking the right steps.

My Business of Art Package contains over 100 action steps to move your art business closer to success.
I actually counted 122, but there may be a few duplicates. The value of this concise, informative book is $79.

So you can utilize your drive time, I include 2 Audio CDs: How to Get Traffic and How to Get Free Publicity.
The CDs are worth at least $27 each, for a total Package Value of $133.

Order my Business of Art Package for only $97. plus $6 postage in the US. Texas residents will also pay sales tax. Payment is through PayPal. No PayPal Account is necessary.

Or find out more The link opens in a new window. You'll be able to purchase the package there, if you decide that you want to have these valuable action steps.


How to Price your Work

Are you selling well, but still don't have enough money to pay your bills?

It sounds like you have a pricing problem.

My Pricing Package will guide you in determining your real costs.

If you don't know what it costs you to make your art, you'll have to guess at how to price it..

Do you feel like your paintings are worth more, but you don't know how much more? Again, you have a pricing problem.

The Pricing Package contains a book and an audio CD. The value of this package is $106.

You can purchase it for only $97, plus $6 postage and sales tax if you live in Texas.
Payment is through PayPal. No PayPal Account is necessary.

Or find out more The link opens in a new window. You'll be able to purchase the package there, if you decide that you want to have these valuable action steps. The Pricing Package is explained below the Business of Art Package.

Special offer on Both Packages:
If you purchased both at $97 each, you would pay $194.
If you purchased the books and CDs separately, you would pay a total of $239.
Use this button to buy BOTH for $179 plus $6 postage. Sales tax will be added for Texas addresses.
Payment is through PayPal. No PayPal Account is necessary.

Or if you want to learn more about both packages, and look below the individual package descriptions.

If you want to be a successful, well-recognized artist, you must do more than make great art.

What does Success mean to you? There are many ways to measure success.
All of them depend on getting your art seen by LOTS of people.

Your artist website is an important part of your success toolkit, no matter how you define success.
Your website enables you to use the POWER of the internet to help people discover you and  your art,
IF you can update it yourself, keep it current, and encourage the search engines to visit it often.

It's possible to have an artist website that you can update, without spending tons of money.

And you'll learn the other critical tools that will impact your success (online and in the real world).

Learn how to use the internet to help people discover you & your art.

Learn how to find the right, realistic price for your art, to cover ALL your expenses including your time...and to make a profit.

Book a Consultation with me to get all your questions answered.

You will  benefit most from our time together if you purchase either or both of the packages I've prepared for you first and go as far as you can with that information. See which actions you can take and where you have questions or need help. Then book your personal consultation with me and pick my brain. We can work by phone or in person.

IF your question is because something I said is confusing or unclear, you may send your question to me via email. I do not charge for clarifying anything that is unclear.

If your questions involve choosing your specific actions or setting your prices, you probably need to meet with me and get all your questions answered. I charge for consultations, based on the length of time you want.

I'll give you specific answers based on your goals, your situation and your level of expertise.

I have been a self-supporting, working artist since 1972. My resources and my knowledge of what works, what doesn't work, and how you can gather information to make good decisions when presented with new "opportunities" can save you time, money and disappointment.

If you're ready to book a consultation with me, use the button to reserve the amount of time you want. Just click the down arrow to select your time and then click the button and check out with PayPal. No PayPal account required. No postage or Sales tax. We'll work by phone or in person in my Houston studio.

Length of Consultation

I won't tell you what to do, but I'll provide the information you want and answer all your questions.
This means that I'll help YOU find YOUR right answer.

I won't even try to tell you the right price, but I'll start your brain working on it. I'll explain what information you need to gather and discover so that you can decide on the right price. IF you come to me with all the necessary costs, I'll go through the formula with you. We'll determine the price you need to receive in order to cover your costs. IF that price is too high, we'll look at how you might be able to trim costs, so you can make a profit selling at a price you feel comfortable asking.

Is it ever appropriate to discount your art? What about giving it away...even to charity auctions?
I can give you clear guidelines for deciding these issues.

Learn how to get free publicity that is far more valuable than any advertising, yet costs you nothing. This information is in the Business of Art Package. You may decide you want help making your press release better.

Learn how to tell if you are ready to look for a gallery AND how to select a gallery to approach. There is a lot of conflicting information about HOW to APPROACH a gallery.

Learn when you might pay to be in a gallery...and how to evaluate whether you might benefit from this choice.

There are many more artists than galleries.

AND being in a gallery is not the only way to show and sell your art.

No one solution is right for everyone.

Learn how to choose the path that is right for you...based on your goals, desires, needs and situation.

The answers are as individual as you and your art.
I won't try to tell you which answer is right for you.
But I can help you discover your right answer, your right path,
based on your goals, your energy level, artistic accomplishment, financial & emotional support, and other factors.

Selling your art is a business.
If you forget that fact...or ignore it...
you set yourself up for disappointment, frustration, and failure.
Art, even wonderful art, doesn't sell itself.
The artist has to let people know it is for sale, put an appropriate price on it,
and display it for the most likely prospective buyers to see it.

In a Business of Art Consultation with me, you will learn
How to Make the Choices that Will Serve Your Goals. You'll find out what you need to know and begin to evaluate your options. I'll answer your questions, or tell you how to discover your answers.

Length of Consultation

What are your goals as an artist?

The right information can help you reach your goals.

There is no one path that works for every artist.

Each of us is an individual. There are many paths to success.
The more INFORMATION you have, the easier it will be for you to find your path.

I'd like to tell you that the quality of your art is the most important factor,
but the sad truth is that
how much you know about visibility, marketing & selling,
pricing & other business areas will have a greater impact on your income.

I’m a working artist who has been supporting myself with my art since 1972.

I'll answer your questions, based on my own experience.

I share what I have found that works & what doesn't work.

You can pick those activities/tasks that you WILL do...the ones that look easy.
You probably already know that avoiding action just makes you feel guilty.

And not knowing WHAT to do makes you feel confused and powerless.
I can't teach you everything you need to know in one easy lesson. If I could, you'd be so overwhelmed, that you'd be unable to do anything. But you probably have questions you need answered. You are welcome to email me your questions. If I cannot help you, I'll tell you so.

If you think that you have a truly unique situation that wonder whether I can help you with, I'll be happy to receive your question...Not to answer it in the email, but to save you from booking the consultation if what you want to know is outside of my knowledge.

I've sold my own work since 1972. I've done a wide variety of kinds of shows and sales, including auction fundraisers, open studios, and juried shows. I've shown in galleries, including co-operative galleries. I've NOT done licensing, although I've investigated it enough to have some good sources of information, if that field attracts you.

Thinking about taking action doesn't bring results.
Actually taking the action does bring results.
But you need to know what actions to take.
What's stopping you?
What questions do you need answered?

Do you want to try to dig the answers out of a book?

Or do you want to get answers & help from a working artist with years of experience?

If you want my help in designing your path to success, or taking the first steps to begin moving forward,
Book a Consultation to talk with me. We can work in person or by phone. You can email me your main questions if you like. I won't answer them by email, but I'll tell you whether I can provide the help you want. IF it is necessary for us to work by email, then we'll determine an appropriate price for email coaching. I don't work free...and I suggest that you not work free either.

When I taught the Business of Art as a class to small groups of artists in my studio, the topics I covered were:
ways to get a website inexpensively…one that you can update yourself.
how to get people to visit it.
how to sell online & how to pick the way that will work best for you.

how to find the right price for your art so you will cover all expenses,
including your time. Because if you aren’t paid for your time, then  you are working free AND you’ll need a JOB.

how to get free publicity that is far more valuable than any advertising.

You can pick the topics you want to discuss,
or I can make suggestions, once I know what your goals are.
If you need help designing goals, I can provide that help.
I will not tell you that all of this is easy or simple.
But if you know what to do and you do any part of it,
you will be far ahead of where you are now.
You will have a real advantage over artists who do not know what to do.

When you have the big picture, you can begin marketing your art effectively and with confidence.

  • We can develop a plan, so you know where to begin.
  • Follow the plan. Take the steps one-at-a-time, as you can.
  • Watch your art income grow.
  • When you have enough art income, you can quit the day job
  • OR, if you aren't willing to devote significant time to the business side of your art,
    you can do those activities that feel easy to you & STILL probably increase your income
    and your prestige, knowing that you've made your choice.

My time is limited. If you need to work with me on a specific day or at a specific time of day, you should probably email me first, to be sure I can be available.

I’m the only working artist I know of who is sharing information about selling & pricing art.
I taught my Business of Art Class in my studio and for artist groups for about 5 years.

Now I'm making most recent version of my book (2011) and 2 related CDs available in my Business of Art Package.

If you want to learn these things, you can buy my Business of Art Package and actually use it to learn them...

or you can slowly try to figure it all out on your own.
I have broken marketing down into easy steps
that you can effortlessly follow to start selling your art.

Knowledge is power, but it is elusive and hard to gain, so take advantage of mine.
My best opportunities come to me through my web site.
Wouldn’t you like to be able to say the same?

Get the missing pieces to the art marketing puzzle.

I developed this class based on my own experience & observations.

I've taught it for the Brazos Valley Art League, Houston Civic Arts Association
and the Conroe Art League (twice).

If you would like to have me teach it for your art league, please contact me to make arrangements.

In this package, you will receive far more action steps than you can apply right away.

You'll be able to take the steps that feel comfortable for you now...or stretch your comfort zone a bit.

When you f106eel ready, you can add the next step.

No matter which steps you take, you will improve your success & your income.
You will use this material for years.
Each step that you take will lead to more success.

Are you ready to make this investment in you and your art. The price is small. The VALUE is large.

The Business of Art Package: Book and 2 CDs ($133 Value) for $97 plus $6 postage.

The Pricing Package: Book and CD ($106 Value) for $97 plus $6 postage.

Both Packages: 2 Books and 3 CDs ($239 Total Value for $179 plus $6 postage.

You can find out more and purchase if this is what you want. Opens in a new window.

Solid business knowledge is essential for credibility and success.
Without it, you are leaving money on the table and art unsold...or sold for too little money.

Take charge of your success. Get the knowledge you need.
If you do what you have always done, you can expect the results you have always gotten.
If you want better results you will have to do more. Find out what to do in your private Consultation with me.

Select your desired time by clicking the down arrow. Then Click the Buy Now button to pay, whether or not you have a PayPal Account.


Length of Consultation


The value I claim for these offerings is a conservative estimate of the value of the specific information books and CD(s).The value of the information, used to advance your art business, may be worth MANY times the price I ask.
On the other hand, if you do not USE the information to take action, you will not receive any value.
I cannot guarantee any results, since I do not know what you will do with my books and CDs.

The information I provide in this material is timeless.
If you decide to come back and apply it later, likely it will still work.

***NO SPECIFIC RESULTS are guaranteed. Results vary widely.
The actions you take usually have a bigger effect on results than the art has.
I am not offering to do any work for you.
The only sure thing is that if you do not take action, nothing will happen.
After this class you will have a much better understanding of the actions to take, based on YOUR goals.

Tell a friend about this class. Just enter your friend's email in the "to" window of the message box that opens and send.


This offer is your opportunity to get the information you need to increase your visibility, sales and prices.

To bring this class to your arts group, or to have me speak to your group,
please give my contact information to your group program chairperson.

How am I qualified to teach this classes?  See my experience.

A recent class participant, who already had a web site and wanted to learn how to get more visitors to it, emailed me the next day:

"Ann, I just want to thank you for your training.
As an instructor of over 10 years, I am especially grateful
for the special time you dedicated to me and my specifics.
In Italy we say:   '
Sei una fonte inesauribile.'
Literally it means 'you are an endless well' of information.
Thank you!

Read what other class participants say about my classes.

To get the details of these packages

Knowledge is power. Are you ready to get the knowledge you need?

Knowledge + Inspiration + Action = Success               

Get the Knowledge you need and take inspired action to achieve your success!

Are you looking for the best ways to show and sell your art?

Do you want to  reap the benefits from the years of classes and work you have invested in your art?

Would you like to increase your level of success?

Would you like to learn how to promote yourself--to make others aware of you and your art--using the power of the internet AND the power of free publicity?

In this class I share with you the knowledge I acquired during my years of experience. 

Are you confused about what to do and how to do it, to make selling your art an income-producing business?

Don't be stopped by lack of knowledge.
SMALL improvements can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.
Learn first-hand what works and what doesn't work.

Instead of spending time searching for information, and evaluating the credibility of each information source, you can spend 3 hours of your time in this class and get  the information from someone who has figured out what works by actually doing it.

You will learn the steps to take. Taking just one step can bring you far more income than the small price of the class.

Then YOU DECIDE which steps (or actions) you want to take first. Choose the ones that feel comfortable to you.  Some of them are so easy that you could already be doing them, if you knew what they were.

Each step you take helps you feel more confident and increases your success.

The Material in this offer provides valuable information for artists at all levels. 
Learn the essential steps to increasing your visibility and your credibility.
Take action at your own pace.
Refer back to the  information whenever you are ready to take another step.
Everything is clear and easy to understand. Nothing is left to memory.

Length of Consultation

Please complete your checkout through Paypal. It's easy & secure.
You do not need to have a Paypal account. You can enter your credit card info without a Paypal account.

If you need to change the time or day of your consultation, please notify me by phone at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time.

If you simply do not show up, you will have "used" your reservation.

Sheila Conner,
Sheila attended my December class.She went home and took action. As a result, she has built an awesome web site.

Sheila, thank you for sharing. I know you will inspire other artists by sharing your process of working through the overwhelm. When a task feels huge, we each tend to think it is beyond our abilities. But by breaking it down and taking one step at a time, we can complete any task...just like eating that elephant.

Sheila said:
"When I took Ann's Business of Art class last December, I felt so intimidated!  After all, I'm an artist, not a business woman.  And there was so much information!  I must admit, I left feeling a little overwhelmed.

BUT I decided to begin like you do when you eat an elephant--one bite at a time!  I began reading  through the notebook (a BIG help) and doing little things, like getting a URL address. 

Each time I took a step and succeeded, my confidence rose. 

The key is to just START. 

Within a month, I had a web site up and running, business cards and postcards in hand, and now, a photo blog---all because Ann told me I could, and gave me good tools to work with!  If I can do it, anyone can do it!"

Joy purchased the Workbook & CDs.

You can benefit from this information, even if you cannot attend the class in person.

Joy found the originl information so helpful she came to my studio to take  "How to Price your Art for Profit" in June.

Joy Cottrell

Joy Cottrell of Spring, Texas, said:
"I'm listening to your first CD in my car. I just love it. It's clear & easy to hear.
Thanks to you, I'm convinced I can just do an inexpensive, simple web site---just to show my work.

Now I know I can and should start with a place to lead people just so they can see my work! And the advice to use my name & .com is invaluable.

Thank you so much for sharing this down-to-earth information, for sharing your mistakes, & for not sounding high & mighty perfect!! It gives us hope! I've just pretty-well skimmed everything, but I will study & re-read as time permits."








Ron Stokes attended "How to Get your Artist Web Site" in July.                                "I  have just finished my first reading of your workbook and I just wanted you to know that the emotional result is like one being filled with high octane fuel. The information is so useful and your coaching segments near the end really inspire one to work harder to achieve one's art-art career goals.

Your workbook strategy works; the information combined with the very useful websites makes your workbook a complete beginners' instrument that one can take and use to complete one's first website.

Again, thank you for the class and your careful and meaningful instruction."
Ron Stokes, Angleton

Would you like to see more comments by artists who attended my classes?

Read what class participants say about my classes.

The fee for a one hour Business of Art Consultation with me by phone is $125. If you prefer to work with me in my studio, 2 or 3 hours is a good length. Use the drop down arrow to choose the length consultation you want.

Then click the button and use PayPal to check out, even if you don't have a PayPal account.

Length of Consultation


If you want to see everything available about the Business of Art & Pricing, find out more


***Individual consultations are available if you  want personal help. We can work in person or by phone.


All images are copyrighted by the artist, Ann Schentrup Bell 2003-2009.  For purchase or licensing information, please contact Ann Bell at 281-330-3827 or contact. Please do not copy or   use these images without permission. This site is updated regularly. If you notice an error or a link that doesn't work, please send me a message. Thanks.